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Our new drawing plate has holes from 4.5 to 15 mm, and the Duo-knit dowel has 10 and about 5 mm in diameter. The coil is a means of facilitating the beginning.
The grooves rount the dowel make the knitting faster and more enjoyable.
The 10mm-section of the dowel can be used on both sides. The thinner part is also suitable for thinner chains with fine wire.

The use of the coil:
An auxiliary wire is "sewn" through the openings of the coil. As a spacer may serve a pencil. The loops are twisted together. Then set the reel on the dowel. Start as if you use a new wire. The thicker part of the rod has a diameter of 10 mm, so you can go on working on it.
The coil has 10 openings. It can thus be made up to 10 loops. It also fits on a 14mm dowel.
It is most meaningful to leave for future projects some rows when cutting off the finished chain. (such as the 3rd photo).

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