My Blogs
If you want to know more about our items, we have blogs.
They are in German, but with photos and I hope helpful for the respective technique.
They are all on ''.

Wikinger Stricken / Viking chain knitting
"Viking chain knitting" is a very old, newly found technique how to make jewelry with wire. Wire will be threaded around a stick and at gauged with a dowel.
We offer two booklets (in German) as introduction into this old technique, for starter and for more advanced. The Blog on "Wikinger Strickliesel" offers experiences.

Drahtschmuck mit Yoola / Yoola's wire Knitting Jenny
The Blog about "Drahtschmuck"/wire jewlry describes my good experiences with the ISK.
Goldsmiths make wire chains with a crochet hook. A huge problem for amateurs is the start. The israel designer Yael Falk ("Yoola") invented small spools for the start and a lot of instructions for chains and other jewelry.