About us
Klöppelkiste (bobbin chest)
The "Klöppelkiste" is a leading mail order business since more than 30 years. We offer ► everything you need for lace making.

Handarbeitskiste (needleworks chest)
Meanwhile we have added the 'Handarbeitskiste' for our continuously risen offer on  ► general needleworks equipment. We stock e.g. ► an extensive yarn range  and overall about 4.000 products.
Beside that we are specialized in ► rare textile techniques e.g. tatting, needlebinding, Kumihimo. A new focus is ► Wire jewelry, easy made with 'Viking Chain Knitting' or 'Yoola's Knitting Jenny ISK'.

Stock/Atelier 'Faden und Spiel'
Since 1997 we added to the online shop an atelier in 'Wasserschloß Klaffenbach'. 2007 it was passed over to our long time collegue, Ms Karin Fischer, and is known as 'Faden und Spiel'. She offers everything for lace makers, as well as traditionaland modern lace off the (Erzgebirge 8iron mountain) and Plauen Lace. The range of products covers high quality woodwork, creative toys for children and grown ups and a special range of wool.

Wasserschloss Klaffenbach
Mail order service and stock are inside Wasserschloss Klaffenbach, a moulded Renaissance castle, that is a very popular tourist attraction at the edge of the 'Iron Mountains' (Erzgebirge). SIts focus lays on arts and crafts with exhibitions and fairs.

Kids and teens
We pay special attention to children and adolescents. Therefore we offer a range of offers for beginner (as Knitting Jennys, Pompom maker, lace making and others).
We promote lace making with an online workshop and also with a childrens contest which we offer since 1997, shown every year in December in our castle.

Service for teachers and schools / wholesale service
Beside retail service we offer a service for teachers and schools with special conditions.
Since 25 years we run a wholesale within Europe, mainly for stocks on lacemaking equipment, needleworks a.s.o.